How do I find the best price for Asbestos Removal in Auckland?

Find best price for asbestos removal in Auckland 1 - How do I find the best price for Asbestos Removal in Auckland?

Finding a company for Asbestos Removal in Auckland is not difficult but finding the right one at the right price will take some careful research. Here’s how you should go about finding the best price for Asbestos removal in Auckland.

3 tips for finding Auckland’s best price for Asbestos removal

There are three things you must do if you are looking for the best price for Asbestos removal in Auckland:

  • Ask around.
  • Make sure you get a written quote.
  • Use a local company.

1. Ask around

Remember, Asbestos removal can be a dangerous process – for the contractor and your family – if it is not done properly. That’s why you want to ensure the Asbestos removal company you hire has a proven track record in safe and quality workmanship. As with most services, a great way to find out who is good at their job is to ask around. Ask friends and family for recommendations.

If you are doing a renovation, there is a good chance your builder will have a company they prefer to use because they have experienced good service and removal practices in the past. There is nothing better than a recommendation from someone you trust.

Once you find a potential company, a quick check with a local Worksafe officer or accredited asbestos testing laboratory as they deal with most removalists, and they will confirm if the company is known and you may even get an idea of what the authorities think of their past workmanship.

2. Make sure you get a written quote

To ensure there are no surprises down the track, ask for a written quote before engaging any specific company. In fact, as with most tradespeople, approach more than one company and ask each one for a quote. Like every other trade, costs can vary between one Asbestos removal company and the next. Get a few quotes and compare them.

Make sure, however, that you know what you are getting for your money. Naturally, most of us would want to accept the cheapest quote provided. Check the quote, or ask the company representative, what you are receiving for that price. There should be no hidden charges such as extra equipment required, or dumping charges that are over and above the initial removal charges.

3. Use a local company

This is also true of all trades. Tradespeople will usually charge a legitimate travel cost. That means it usually saves you money if you engage a company from your local area. Remember also, that your chosen Asbestos removal company will also need to bag and transport all refuse to an approved Asbestos disposal facility.

5 questions to ask an Auckland Asbestos removal company before you engage them

So, those are some basic tips for saving money on Asbestos removal but there is more research required. You want to make sure that the company you employ have the expertise and experience to complete your job safely and competently.

Here are five questions you should ask:

1. Is your company fully licensed for the type of Asbestos removal work?

You want to engage a company that is fully licensed for the safe handling and removal of both Class A and Class B Asbestos. This means they will have trained personnel who have a knowledge of the proper handling of all types of removal. You should also ask to see their licence.

2. What experience and expertise do you have in the Asbestos removal business?

This question is really a follow-up from the previous question. Make no mistake, Asbestos removal needs to be done properly with the proper safety procedures followed to the letter. A company with years of experience under their belt will have tried and true procedures that they follow on every job they undertake. If possible check how long your chosen company has been in business.

3. What removal methods do you use?

This is about both safety and efficiency. Ask if they will be screening off the rest of the building to ensure the safety of everyone who may come near to the removal site. Check if the methods used will enable other renovation work to proceed or if work will have to stop until all Asbestos is removed. If work must stop, ask for how long. An experienced company should be able, as part of the quotation process, to give a fairly accurate estimate of how long any removal job will take (although sometimes unforeseen circumstances can add to that time).

4. Can you identify and are you familiar with the type of Asbestos that needs to be removed?

Your Asbestos remover will arrange a test to determine what type of Asbestos is to be removed. They will then formulate a removal plan that will be safe and compliant with all current New Zealand Asbestos removal regulations.

5. Do you have liability insurance to cover the unlikely incidence of damage and or pollution liability insurance particularly if it’s a class ‘A’ removal?

An obvious one really. All tradespeople should carry insurance to cover any damage they or their workers may inadvertently cause. It doesn’t hurt to ask the question and make certain.


That’s it. Follow those tips and you should be able to find a company that is experienced in Asbestos removal in Auckland and that has the expertise to complete your job. As with all things, just remember, the cheapest company may not be the best company so do your research before making a final decision.

For more information about specialist Asbestos removal in Auckland, contact the experienced Conqra Enviro team.